“Innovation in Teaching and Learning”

Our statement

We believe that teaching in higher education really matters. Therefore, our members share a commitment to the development of high quality educational practices which promote innovation and the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning. As ECIU partners, we value a strong nexus between research and teaching in order to fulfill such a vision. We strive to provide a modern, engaging and research-intensive learning environment, which builds on the diversity and collective strength of our respective institutional cultures, our approaches to teaching, and our students.

The ECIU has a specific interest in seeking out creative, learning-centred and future-focused teaching approaches that foster social entrepreneurship and smart use of technology. We aspire to create the conditions for developing critical responsible citizenship for inclusive and diverse societies. Our members foster real world competencies and make this possible by engaging our students with industry, professional bodies and community partners.

In summary, the ECIU represents a leading international cluster of technological and comprehensive universities who are committed to a bold mission of “Challenging Conventional Thinking” for tomorrow’s world, today.

Host an ECIU master class

What is a master class?

A Masterclass can take a number of forms. However, typically it will be a minimum of a full day event focused around a clearly defined topic. The topic should explore an innovation or contemporary issue related to teaching and learning that will be of wide interest to ECIU member institutions. While the Masterclass is likely to include a major contribution from a recognised expert in the field the event needs to be designed and facilitated to engage participants in active forms of learning. 

Who can apply?

Applications are welcome from any individual or group from an ECIU member institution. We particularly welcome applications submitted from groups across more than one ECIU institution, which is reflected in the selection criteria.

When can you apply?

Each year the initial round of applications to host a Masterclass will be circulated by no later than the end of February. In some cases there may be a second call for proposals and if this occurs then specific details will provided about the application date.

What funding is available?

Successful Masterclass applications will be eligible for a grant of up to €4,000 to assist with administration and delivery costs. The precise amount allocated will be determined based on the proposed budget submitted as part of the application process.

How do you apply?

All applications should follow the Masterclass application template which is a Google form with a link available on the ECIU website. Applications will not be evaluated until after the submission deadline. Members of the Steering Committee for Innovation in Teaching and Learning will evaluate proposals against the selection criteria listed below and all applicants will be informed of the outcome by no later than 1st April.

What are the selection criteria?

The ECIU Steering Committee for Teaching and Learning will evaluate
Masterclass proposals according to the following criteria. Each proposal should

On completion of the Masterclass the key institutional contact is expected to provide the ECIU Steering Committee for Innovation in Teaching and Learning with a formal evaluation of the event. The Evaluation Report should be submitted to the ECIU General Secretary within two months of the event and as a minimum is required to provide data on participants’ overall satisfaction and perceived value of the Masterclass. Participants who complete the Masterclass may also be issued with a Certificate of Completion if the event lends itself to
such formal recognition.


Our Institutional Experts in the Steering Committee

Aalborg University
Kathrin Otrel-Cass
Professor with Specific Responsibilities
Universidade de Aveiro
Marlene Paula Castro Amorim
Gillian Moreira
Universitat A. Barcelona
Anna Marbà
Vice-dean of studies at the faculty of Education
Dublin City University
Mark Brown
Director of the National Institute for Digital Learning
Hamburg University of Technology
Andrea Brose
CEO Centre for Education and Learning
Linköping University
Jakob Rehme
Professor, School of Management, Institute of Technology
Tec. de Monterrey
Carlos Astengo
Mariela Gómez
Educational Research and Innovation
Liasion Officer Tec de Monterrey, Barcelona
Tampere University of Technology
Tea Vellamo
Academic Coordinator and Team Leader
University of Nottingham
Sarah Speight
Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching and Learning
University of Stavanger
Dag Husebø
Head of Programme for Higher Education Pedagogy
Kaunus University of Technology
Kristina Ukvalbergiene
Director of Studies Organization Department
University of Twente
Marije Hahnen
Centre for Educational Support
University of Twente
Frank van den Berg
Centre for Educational Support

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